How To Snap Dance Movement?

How ah?Ans: There are many factor that affect the result of your photo – especially in this kind of photography. – do you use flash when you take the picture?If so, what kind of flash? The internal/pop up flash, or do you have an external flash?- if it’s external flash, do you bounce the flash or just shoot it straight?- What kind of lens do you use?- the most important factor is the lighting condition. How dim was it inside? Are there any spotlight being used? – how far is the distance between you and the subject you shoot? This factor is even more important when you’re taking your picture with flash.I take wedding photo from time to time. Something that is pretty similar to your situation (dim light condition, indoor, moving people). What I do is I use an external flash and bounce it off the ceiling (except if I’m in a ballroom where the ceiling is too high, and I’ll use a flash diffuser – something like a Gary Fong Lightsphere should be good). I don’t set my ISO more than 800 because that’s when the noise level became less than acceptable. When the ceiling is low enough, sometimes I’d settle with ISO 400. When I use flash, I always keep close to the subject. The kit lens should be good enough for this – although I am going to upgrade my kit lens to a 17-55 f2.8 IS lens (I use Canon but there are Nikon’s counterpart on this one, both are very expensive) – something that is faster than the regular kit lens.When I don’t use flash, I have a secondary camera with the 50mm f1.8 fitted. I keep my aperture wide open, and I set the ISO to 800. But I mostly use this for candids – you’ll likely get a blurry picture on fast moving people in this kind of lighting.Anyway… this is what I do… and I’m happy with the result.Cheers

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